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"Where Health Lives Lavishly" 


Brentwood Location Opening February 1st 2022

Franklin Location Opening 
Fall 2022


“In 10 sessions you’ll feel the difference, in 20 sessions you’ll see the difference, and in 30 sessions you’ll have a whole new body.”

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Individualized & Group Pilates Experience 

Come try our Reformer/Tower Pilates classes or private sessions to get an amazing core, balance, coordination and full body workout. Pilates is an amazing form of rehabilitation as well. Perfect workout to do in-between our other classes we offer to help keep your muscles long and strong.

Image by Zachary Kadolph


Group Boxing Classes

Try our 50 minute heart pounding boxing class where you'll learn to throw some good punches and get a kick ass workout at the same time. Our boxing room is dark and equipped with AQUA punching bags that will reflect LED color changing lights that go with the music to give you the ultimate boxing class! All levels welcome.

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Cycling Group Classes

Burn your calories away and build your endurance during our 50 minute spin class! We will focus on strength, intervals of low and high intensity. The fun and energizing atmosphere, instructors and music will have you coming back over and over! All levels welcome.

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